Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hamid Mir and Conspiracy Theorists

By Abdullah Muntazir
Conspiracy theorists found another ‘evidence’ to play with. This time they got hold of an audio tape of Hamid Mir in which he is talking to a Taliban figure. Some websites say the person is No. 2 of Hakeemullah Mehsood and the others say he is a Punjabi Taliban of TTP. In the audio tape, Hamid Mir shares his background knowledge of Khalid Khawaja, who was murdered mysteriously two weeks ago. Conspiracy theorists are crying that Hamid Mir is a secret Taliban and he is anti-Pakistan. Moreover, some pro-Pakistan people allege that he instigated Taliban to kill Khalid Khawaja. They say that he has a role in his murder by providing negative information about Khalid Khawaja. 
I listened the audio carefully but it proves patriotism of Hamid. He speaks against CIA and Qadyanis. He says that he has no problem if Taliban attack NATO supply. He speaks against Khalid Khawaja because of his disputed track- record. Khalid Khawaja was alive when Hamid Mir was accusing him. I do not think he ever thought that Taliban will kill him otherwise he would have never talked in this manner. 
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