Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hamid Mir and Conspiracy Theorists

By Abdullah Muntazir
Conspiracy theorists found another ‘evidence’ to play with. This time they got hold of an audio tape of Hamid Mir in which he is talking to a Taliban figure. Some websites say the person is No. 2 of Hakeemullah Mehsood and the others say he is a Punjabi Taliban of TTP. In the audio tape, Hamid Mir shares his background knowledge of Khalid Khawaja, who was murdered mysteriously two weeks ago. Conspiracy theorists are crying that Hamid Mir is a secret Taliban and he is anti-Pakistan. Moreover, some pro-Pakistan people allege that he instigated Taliban to kill Khalid Khawaja. They say that he has a role in his murder by providing negative information about Khalid Khawaja. 
I listened the audio carefully but it proves patriotism of Hamid. He speaks against CIA and Qadyanis. He says that he has no problem if Taliban attack NATO supply. He speaks against Khalid Khawaja because of his disputed track- record. Khalid Khawaja was alive when Hamid Mir was accusing him. I do not think he ever thought that Taliban will kill him otherwise he would have never talked in this manner. 
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Monday, April 19, 2010

PEPCO damaging public interest

 By Umer Bhatti 

Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) is purchasing one unit (1kWh) of thermal generation for a maximum of Rs38 and a minimum of Rs0.5, and still the Ministry of Water and Power and Pepco itself are going to engage new Rental Power Plants (RPPs) and the Independent Power Producers (IPPs), which will be damaging the consumers’ interests at large.

The News has learnt Pepco is paying the highest price of Rs38 (Energy Purchase Price (EPP), fuel plus variable operation and maintenance cost) to the Kotri Power Plant for generation from its unit 1-2, which is being run by the company on much expensive High Speed Diesel (HSD). On the other hand, the company is paying a minimum of Rs0.5 to UCH power plant, a gas-run IPP, for the purchase of energy up to first 153MW of power generated. The rate of electricity keeps on increasing as the power plant produces more electricity than the above mentioned capacity because the slab of the power purchase increases in the same way as the consumer slabs to pay the electricity bill increases.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is Lashkar-e-Taiba a real global threat?

By Abdullah Muntazir
There is a debate going on in the west on the issue of a possible threat from Lashkar-e-Taiba – A Jihadi group fighting against Indian occupation of Kashmir and blamed for Mumbai attacks in 2008 – to the western interests. There is no doubt Lashkar hates United States for a number of reasons. Apart from the widespread anti-America resentment in almost all Islamic groups across the globe, the group has some of its own reasons to dislike US. US declared Lashkar-e-Taiba a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) a few months after 9/11 without any substantial reason. The group until then never attacked or planned any attack on US interests. Its focus was totally on Kashmir against Indian forces.
The group believes that by declaring it terrorist organization US wanted to please India and press Pakistan to back off from freedom struggle in Kashmir. Despite its anger the group refrained from attacking US interests in the region but US was not satisfied with its own measures by putting Lashkar on FTO list of the State Department and went to UN Security Council in 2005 for international sanctions against the group. Eventually UNSC put the group in the list of Al-Qaeda and Taliban affiliates and asked the member countries to freeze its assets and impose embargo on
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Norwegian Newspaper again insults our Prophet Oh Muslims Do you still Love Muhammad (PBUH)?

A Norwegian newspaper crossed all limits in insulting Prophet Muhammad (Pease and blessing be upon him). On Feb. 3, the newspaper published a photograph showing a man in front of a computer screen with a depiction of Muhammad as a pig.
 Oh Muslims There is nothing left behind. Lets do at least what we can do. Boycott Norway completely with no exceptions.
 Here are some steps we can take.
 Muslims from Norway should migrate to a land where their Deen is safe. Muslims present in Norway for earning should go back to their homelands and trust in Allah. Allah will give you better earnings if you sacrifice for the honor of his Prophet. 
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love Muhammad , boycott Wikipedia Now

Dear Muslims, it is a shocking news that the most famous Encyclopedia on the internet Wikipedia is still containing the blasphemous caricatures of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam despite receiving hundreds of thousands of protest letters from Muslims across the glob. Ironically we are crying against one or few time publication of these caricatures in Danish and Norwegian newspapers but don’t notice that Wikipedia is blatantly and shamelessly insulting an Ummah of 1.5 billion Muslim. Here are some steps we all should take to force Wikipedia to remove these blasphemous cartoons and apologize to Muslim Ummah. Here are ten the steps.
1. Boycott Wikipedia. There are millions of Muslim web surfers who use Wikipedia for information. These are ‘customers’ of the website. A successful boycott will deprive off the site from millions of its ‘customers’. So don’t consider your boycott a simple thing. Use other sources available on internet for information and teach Wikipedia a lesson.
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Hafiz Saeed and Public Support

Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is considered most controversial personality when we talk about Indo-Pak relations. India accuses him for masterminding Mumbai attacks and demands that Pakistan should put him behind bars and clamp down his organization Jamat-ud-Dawah. Pakistan says India is unable to prove that Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is involved in any kind of unwanted activities inside India.
People outside Pakistan often think why Pakistan is not acting upon international demands against Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. But here in Pakistan everyone knows that it is not an easy task for the government to act against a leader who enjoys enormous public support all over the Pakistan.

On February 5. 2010 Hafiz Muhammad Saeed for the first time after his release from home detention addressed a huge public gathering. He also addressed Friday prayer outside his mosque because the Qadsia Mosque was not able to accommodate thousands of people came from different parts of Punjab to listen his speech as well as participate in Kashmir Day rally organized by Jamat-ud-Dawah.
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Deliberate power shortfall in Pakistan

By Abdullah Muntazir

Pakistan is facing electricity crisis these days. In the name of ‘load management’ Pakistan Electric Power Company deprives Pakistani public from electricity for 8 to 12 hours daily. No one knows what the exact reason behind electricity shortfall is as PEPCO is not sharing the cause, it only tells us the effect. When I tried to dig out the truth I came to know that electricity shortfall claims are false and there are huge contradictions between PEPCO’s claims and its own facts and figures. These contradictions led me to the conclusion that in fact there is no justification of ‘load shedding’. If for the sake of argument one believes in PEPCO’s claim of shortfall then too, load shedding should not exceed from four hours a day.
             To prove PEPCO’s claims as wrong I used its own facts and figures obtained from its website.

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