Monday, February 15, 2010

Norwegian Newspaper again insults our Prophet Oh Muslims Do you still Love Muhammad (PBUH)?

A Norwegian newspaper crossed all limits in insulting Prophet Muhammad (Pease and blessing be upon him). On Feb. 3, the newspaper published a photograph showing a man in front of a computer screen with a depiction of Muhammad as a pig.
 Oh Muslims There is nothing left behind. Lets do at least what we can do. Boycott Norway completely with no exceptions.
 Here are some steps we can take.
 Muslims from Norway should migrate to a land where their Deen is safe. Muslims present in Norway for earning should go back to their homelands and trust in Allah. Allah will give you better earnings if you sacrifice for the honor of his Prophet. 

     All Muslim traders, diplomats, government officials and tourists should cancel their trips to Norway.
       Boycott Norwegian Embassy’s functions in your respective country. Also boycott anyone who participates in these functions.
         Muslims working in Norwegian Embassies should resign form their jobs. Allah will help them in better way.
           Boycott all Norway products with no exception at all.
             Pakistani Muslim should boycott Telenor Pakistan. Most of its shares are owned by Norwegian government.
               Inform Telenor that you are leaving the network in protest then switch to other networks.
                 Do not call any of your friends or relatives who have a Telenor number. 
                   Don’t receive calls from Telenor numbers.
                     Don’t port numbers with Telenor codes.
                       Make this Norwegian company an example to show Norway that how peacefully we can react and how much our reaction makes impact.
                         Be peaceful but firm in your boycott. It will give more effective results than violent reactions.
                          For details please read these reports


                          Anonymous said...

                          Do you think a boycott will end this anti Islam Campaign?

                          Shakoor ray said...

                          Norway itself is a nice country. If few newspapers do something wrong we should not condemn the whole country

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