Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hafiz Saeed and Public Support

Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is considered most controversial personality when we talk about Indo-Pak relations. India accuses him for masterminding Mumbai attacks and demands that Pakistan should put him behind bars and clamp down his organization Jamat-ud-Dawah. Pakistan says India is unable to prove that Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is involved in any kind of unwanted activities inside India.
People outside Pakistan often think why Pakistan is not acting upon international demands against Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. But here in Pakistan everyone knows that it is not an easy task for the government to act against a leader who enjoys enormous public support all over the Pakistan.

On February 5. 2010 Hafiz Muhammad Saeed for the first time after his release from home detention addressed a huge public gathering. He also addressed Friday prayer outside his mosque because the Qadsia Mosque was not able to accommodate thousands of people came from different parts of Punjab to listen his speech as well as participate in Kashmir Day rally organized by Jamat-ud-Dawah.
With My mobile I captured some video clips of his Friday sermon as well as of the rally. Here are some you tube links of these clips. You can analyse yourself how popular he is in Pakistan and how much it is difficult for government of Pakistan to act against a popular leader.


Anonymous said...

There was a time when Osama bin Laden too had public support in Pakistan.

Atiq said...

Wow, really interesting and awesome brother. I really agree with you and I think that all this is western propaganda to portray all the religious organizations in Pakistan as terrorists. I support your opinion and cause and surely you are doing a great job. Also, you can visit to know more regarding this concern.

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