Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love Muhammad , boycott Wikipedia Now

Dear Muslims, it is a shocking news that the most famous Encyclopedia on the internet Wikipedia is still containing the blasphemous caricatures of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam despite receiving hundreds of thousands of protest letters from Muslims across the glob. Ironically we are crying against one or few time publication of these caricatures in Danish and Norwegian newspapers but don’t notice that Wikipedia is blatantly and shamelessly insulting an Ummah of 1.5 billion Muslim. Here are some steps we all should take to force Wikipedia to remove these blasphemous cartoons and apologize to Muslim Ummah. Here are ten the steps.
1. Boycott Wikipedia. There are millions of Muslim web surfers who use Wikipedia for information. These are ‘customers’ of the website. A successful boycott will deprive off the site from millions of its ‘customers’. So don’t consider your boycott a simple thing. Use other sources available on internet for information and teach Wikipedia a lesson.
2. Muslim moderators and editors of Wikipedia should not contribute in its promotion. Instead everyone should try to make the information available on Wikipedia as unreliable and unauthentic by posting irrelevant and wrong material in almost every post. Anyone who visits Wikipedia should have a doubt in his mind regarding the information he want to obtain. Muslim moderators and editors should, not only target the articles related to Islam and Muslims but also target ordinary posts as well so that the site becomes unusable for web surfers.
3. 1. And what are you doing Muslim IT and Internet experts?
4. Launch another free encyclopedia. Some Muslim experts should come forward and launch another free encyclopedia. Current articles on Wikipedia can be used for that. For this purpose a Muslim fund can also be established. There is a need of a free encyclopedia who does not insult any religion or community.
5. Urge Muslim governments to block Wikipedia in their respective countries. In Pakistan ask your MNAs and MPAs to raise their voices in the parliament, provincial assemblies and minister’s cabinets.
6. According to article 295 of the Constitution, government of Pakistan is bound to block Wikipedia in Pakistan. Somebody should come forward and file a lawsuit in any of the four High Courts or in Supreme Court. Government of Pakistan had blocked Youtube for the same crime in the past, so it’s not a big issue. If the government of Pakistan does so the rest of the Muslim governments will easily follow it.
7. No to Wikipedia banners should be posted on all Muslim websites as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace pages.
8. Wikipedia has recently launched its Urdu version. It is only possible when we the Pakistani Muslims contribute to this version. So show your strength of belief and love to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and totally boycott the site.
9. Create and sign petitions against this wicked act of Wikipedia on
10. Spread this article as much as you can. Through Email, Websites, Facebook, Twitter etc.


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